Tuesday, September 18, 2012

StockCharts.com and Schannep’s “thedowtheory.com”: Two good sources for information about the Dow Theory

For those interested in learning more about the Dow Theory, the following sources may be useful.

StockCharts.com has a good introduction to the Dow Theory which you can find here:

From the different “free” sources for Dow Theory in the internet, this is the only one which I think is “orthodox” enough to be recommended, although, as I will further explain in further posts in this blog, my Dow Theory "flavor" is slightly different (i.e. I use the S&P as an addition to the Transports and Industrials).

Of course, the primer you can find in StockCharts.com won’t make you the best Dow Theorist around but it is a good summary of the main tenets of the Dow Theory.  

Schannep’s  "thedowtheory.com" also provides a very good graphic representation of a primary bull and bear market signal. You can find Schannep's charts here:

However, the links I provided you are no substitutes for reading the books I recommended in my post “How to learn Dow Theory”, which you can find here

The Dow Theory looks deceptively simple. However, its mastery takes time and dedicated effort.

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