Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to learn Dow Theory?

While we will discuss and deepen all the tenets of the Dow Theory and apply them "life" to the markets, this blog is neither a primer nor a book on Dow Theory. Any reader interested in becoming conversant with Dow Theory is highly encouraged to passionately read the following books:

I would begin with this one. It is brief and clear. It is a great primer to Dow Theory written by Richard Russell the most famous Dow Theorist still alive to this day:

Dow Theory Today (Fraser Publishing Library) (The Contrary Opinion Library) [Paperback] Richard Russell (Author)

After having digested Russell’s book, I’d go on with the classical work on Dow Theory written in 1932.
The Dow Theory (Fraser Publishing Library) [Paperback] Robert Rhea (Author) 

After Rhea’s book, and last, but definitely not least by any means, I’d continue with this one:

Dow Theory for the 21st Century: Technical Indicators for Improving Your Investment Results [Hardcover]  Jack Schannep (Author) 


Schannep’s book is definitely a great one and makes a wonderful job in presenting an updated version of the Dow Theory while respecting its essentials. It is written from a real investor to the real investor. It is a no-nonsense book

Anyone really interested in fully understanding Dow Theory should read at least three times each of the three books I have just mentioned.

Wikipedia does a pretty good job in giving us a cursory glimpse into Dow Theory.

While not enough to make you an outstanding Dow Theorist, Wikipedia may be helpful to give you a foretaste of the Dow Theory.

In another future post, for those with the time, passion and inclination for a deeper understanding of the Dow Theory, I will recommend some other books.

The Dow Theorist

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