Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Dow Theory Update for August 9: How to follow me on LinkedIn


Interview in Alessio Rastani's Youtube channel.


As usual, time is in short supply. So, while I keep this blog updated when trends change, I cannot post as often as I would like if I had more time available.


However, on LinkedIn, I post almost every day. Short posts, not the size you usually see on this blog, but valuable tidbits of information. I encourage you to visit the link below and click “follow.” LinkedIn is a great place to find helpful information. Unlike other social media, most people on Linkedin post meaningful content.




By the way, I was recently invited to Alessio Rastani’s YouTube channel. We discussed the current situation for gold and silver. Alessio is a great market analyst, and I highly recommend his videos. If you can bear my Spanish accent, you can watch the video I have linked below:



Manuel Blay

Editor of thedowtheory.com


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