Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Dow Theory Update for November 16: Recap of the Dow Theory outperformance across many markets

 GLD/SLV, GDX/SIL, USO/XLE, TLT, and the Dow Industrials

Is the Dow Theory only for US stock indexes? Does it work? Is it not a thing of the past? The Dow Theory works and outperformed Buy & Hold across many markets (energy, precious metals, and their ETF miners, US bonds, US stock indexes). Look at the chart below. It displays the outperformance of the Dow Theory versus Buy & Hold as per the trades taken in this blog and on thedowtheory.com (US Stock Indexes since 1953) from the end of August 2012 till June 2021.

And what about risk? The Dow Theory did a great job too, as you will see soon on this blog.


Recap of all trades taken on this blog since the end of August 2012 to June 2021


Manuel Blay

Co-Editor of thedowtheory.com


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